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Khaled Sewify, Hala El-Sayed
Student: Yousef Sewify
The school focused a lot on building the students' foundations so that they do not struggle later in life or university, and I can see how that benefited my son. The multicultural environment evoked his curiosity about other countries, and caused him to love their languages and be willing to spend hours each day learning them. This also made him join the MUN at his school to learn more and more about these countries and argue in their favors and against them, which strengthened his presentation and leadership skills. In addition, group projects and various other school activities made him work with other students to realize what it means to work with others towards a common goal, which in turn improved his management and people skills. The school's experience cannot be summarized in mere four sentences and I'm sure that he'd have more to say than I do, but if there is anything that we'd certainly agree on is that it was an exceptional one!