High School

The evolving Leopards of ISG Dammam High School embrace each other’s differences and individualities while maintaining an exceptionally kind and considerate atmosphere. Leopard alumni always remember the outstanding and tremendously supportive high school faculty and staff that guided them for success both in college and in real life.

The school's curricula and courses have been enhanced with interactive 21st Century Learning that takes advantage of the latest technological advances, incorporating them into the evolving Leopards’ learning infrastructure. Through the online learning platform of Google Classroom, students interact with their teachers better than ever before, as the learning experience is extended beyond the confines of the regular classroom.

The framework driven by the new curricular adoptions in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Information Technology, and Art empowers our students and provides them with great learning opportunities through inquiry, exploration and agency. Our students cultivate their communication skills, decision-making and critical-thinking skills, as well as their interpersonal skills. This wide spectrum of skills makes ISG Dammam High School a true college-preparatory learning experience through which students thrive and develop into responsible global citizens capable of innovation and compassion.

Our students are at the core of our mission; and the wide range of skills included in the profile of graduate is complemented by a strong extracurricular program which comprises activities ranging from sports to club membership in, amongst others, Student Council, Modern United Nations, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Drama Club, Music Club, and Chess Club.