Global Languages

As the school's Statement of Mission indicates, students at ISG Dammam will be prepared to become truly global citizens that can effectively function and contribute in a rapidly changing society.

ISG Dammam offers a great opportunity for learning foreign languages. Students have several reasons to study foreign languages. For some, it might be in hopes of finding a rewarding career in the international marketplace. Others are interested in the intellectual challenge and cognitive benefits that accrue to those who develop competency in multiple languages. Still, other students seek a greater understanding of other peoples and cultures.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has issued a directive for Foreign Schools (Article 13) which states the following: Each foreign school shall include, within its curricula, the teaching of the basics of the Arabic Language for a minimum of two periods a week, Islamic Civilization, and the History and Geography of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a minimum of a period a week.

ISG Dammam offers a global language program for native and non-native speakers.  For Arab students, who represent a big portion of our students, the process of teaching and learning in the student's own native language enables the learner to successfully communicate with others and enrich his/her cultural identity. Oftentimes, a student, while excited about learning to speak and write in the English language, may lose sight of the value of maintaining and enhancing his/her own native language. The goal of teaching national languages is to provide the students with the opportunity to continue to grow and improve their native tongue. Students in national languages gain an understanding of the culture and community in a variety of contexts and appropriate ways. They develop a greater insight into a worldview of their own language and culture in comparison with others. For non-Arab students, it is a great opportunity to learn the language of their host country, Saudi Arabia, and be more capable of dealing with their surroundings.

Regardless of educational career goals, however, global language study is beneficial in providing experiences in these areas to students. By gaining cross-cultural skills and knowledge and additional insights into the world around them, students will be better prepared for life's challenges, and that is exactly what we offer here at ISG Dammam.