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Robotics and Graphic Design Club (RGD)

RGD’s  Tech Trivia event can be narrowed down to three main characteristics: riveting question formats, a competitive atmosphere, and unhinged players. However, no set of words can capture the excitement of competing in such an event. 

The casual format of “go in, answer questions, and have fun being clueless” made RGD’s Tech Trivia a memorable experience. Players did not realize how much they’ve learned about all things tech since they had been distracted by its competitive aspect. According to second-place winner, Saad Syed:

“This competition was extremely entertaining and I learned a lot from those piles of trivia questions we faced each round of the contest.”

RGD club surprised us all by making learning random computer knowledge…fun! The variety of ways the questions were presented (presentation, Quizizz, and Jeopardy) created quite the intrigue; it kept players guessing. And as for future RGD trivia events? I suppose they’ll keep us guessing too. 


Nayla Zubaidi

Grade 11

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