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Career Expo

Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Michael Schreider as ISG Dammam’s new Principal. Michael will be joining us in August 2023 and we welcome him to our ISG community. You can learn more about Michael in this announcement.

The IB Diploma program is taught in ASD and ISG Jubail. Here are the 2022 IB Diploma Program Exam Result:

- 93% of ASD diploma candidates earned the full diploma.
- 100% of ISG Jubail diploma candidates earned the full diploma.
- Worldwide, 86% of diploma candidates earned the diploma.

I’d like to also report that the highest score earned by an ISG diploma candidate was by an ASD student, Miya Wanna, which was 43 out of 45. Our ISG students continue to perform better than the world averages in all our programs. Congratulations to all students, parents and teachers on these fantastic results.

The 2022-2023 calendars have been republished with a new look and feel.  You can find them on your school's website.  The 2023-2024 calendars will be published within the next few weeks. 

ISG Jubail hosts an annual event called Jaguar Jump Off for its Middle School and High School students.  This year JJO is happening in small competitions throughout the year, and a total of eight teams are competing for competition points and spirit points.  Competition points are earned for winning Tug of War, and spirit points are earned for cheering, supporting others and creating props for the event.  Please watch a recap of their first Jaguar Jump Off below.

On Tuesday, ASD and BSD held their annual walkathon.  Elementary and Primary students walked around the soccer fields, while our older students walked around the whole school.  It was a wonderful opportunity to bring two of our schools together for a good cause.  Everyone enjoyed popsicles after.  Please watch a recap of the event here

Events like the Jaguar Jump Off and Walkathon happen at every school and are a welcomed break from learning inside the classroom.  They allow students time to let go and to get creative and they also promote healthy competition and teamwork among our students.

The NHS Career Expo is an event conducted by the National Honors Society that aims to help students with their future career paths. Students have different skills, talents, and interests and this event showcased several career paths they could choose to pursue.  Five different speakers shared their experiences in their professional journeys in Finance, IT, Engineering,  Journalism and Medicine.  We're very proud of our ISG Dammam students for putting this event together.  Everyone who attended felt motivated and inspired by their efforts.

At Sara Village School, there is an intentional effort to embed empathy into their classes. During empathy lessons, students learn about themselves and evaluate their own empathy and critical thinking skills.  They focus on what qualities make an empathetic person and how they can become a more sympathetic, compassionate, caring, sensitive and open minded individual themselves.  These important skills have also been developed through a number of different activity days, and have given students time to stop and think about their own lives as well as time to reflect and consider the thoughts and feelings of others.  Mr. Richard Charlesworth, principal at Sara Village School, recently published an article about the process they’ve taken to implement empathy at SVS.  You can find a link to that article here.

Salma Raheem, an ISG Jubail alumnus, and a Lecturer in HR Management and Organisational Behaviour Work in the Organisation and Management Group at The University of Liverpool, which is a Russell Group university in the UK, invited me to participate in a guest speaker series last Tuesday.  I spoke on the subject of HR in a globalized world, but what I want to emphasize today is the importance of connection in a globalized world.  Salma attended the Alumni reunion we held in London last year, and it was through this connection that I came to be a speaker at this event.  We hope that through our Alumni Association we can create more of these connections among our ISG alumni because the possibilities and opportunities are endless.


Best wishes,

Michael P. Mack

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