A Fragile Budget Situation

20 January 2018 | John Rutten

A Fragile Budget Situation

Dear Leopard Families,

Due to the fragile budget situation that ISG Dammam is currently in, the staff of the school have been called upon to help by sacrificing 12.5% of this year’s salary going forward.  We have looked everywhere for the ways we can make up the shortfall and we are really left with the cuts in salary and essentially no more spending on nonessentials for the remainder of this year.  This will mean that the student school day is being readjusted to 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Staff timings will be from 7:00-2:00.

Further, we are letting everyone know that the increase being asked for in future tuition is substantial in order to meet our goals to maintain superior education at a competitive price point.  At present we are planning to lose 50% of our sponsored hires and not replacing them.  If we can get things stabilized and back on track, it is everyone’s wish to snap back to the present schedule and staff structure.  Obviously, this will take time, careful planning, and mostly strong enrollment as 100% of our funding comes from tuition.

For this reason, we are asking you to again sharpen your pencils and do the math about whether or not your family can remain with us, or is it time to make other plans? Perhaps this is a bit harsh, but it is the reality of the situation.

A final note, please know that 80+% of our families pay their tuition on time.  Please try to keep on track with the payment plan as penalties are going to be assessed when these payments are found to be lacking.  


Thank you for your time.