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The School Clinic is staffed by a qualified nurse and doctor. In addition to assessing and treating illnesses and injuries, and referrals to other medical professionals, the clinic staff are a source of healthcare information.

If a student needs first aid treatment in the case of minor injuries or sudden illness he/she can go to the School Clinic. If a student needs to go home during the day due to illness, he/she must see the nurse prior to leaving the school. The nurse will call the parent or guardian and make the appropriate arrangements. Emergency cases may be referred to appropriate clinics/hospitals, as needed.


Safeguarding the student’s health is a major school concern. Rules have been established to protect all students. Students are not allowed to keep any medication with them. The school nurse must administer all medicines. If a student brings medicine to school, he/she must take the medicine directly to the school clinic upon arrival at school. Any medication, whether it is over-the-counter or prescription will be kept in the school clinic and administered only under the WRITTEN directions of a doctor or parent’s/guardian’s note. The medicine will be returned to the student at dismissal time. 

Parents are required to submit a copy of their child's vaccination records and complete the ISG Health Inventory and Medical Forms. This details a child's medical history and any issues that may affect their health or academic performance. The clinic staff respects patient confidentiality at all times, except when this puts the individual or the community at risk.

ISG Dammam students are expected to be up-to-date according to their home country childhood immunization schedule, and to have received BCG or TB, and a quadrivalent meningitis vaccine.  ISG recommends that in addition to our required vaccines, parents have their child vaccinated in accordance with their home country and the vaccines recommended by the Saudi Ministry of Health. We also recommend parents consider re-vaccinating their children every five years with the MCV4 vaccine while in Kingdom.