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Standardized Testing: At Dammam, we use Northwestern Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) standardized testing for students in grades 2-8.

MAP tests are unique in that they are adaptive tests taken on a computer. This means that the test becomes more difficult the more questions your child answers correctly. When your child answers incorrectly on two or more questions, the test adapts and the questions become easier. Therefore, your child takes a test specifically created for his or her learning level. In addition, these tests are aligned with the Common Core standards in the United States.

Your child’s MAP results are reported via Rasch Units (RIT scores). This is a different type of score than a typical test which reports results based on percentage correct. It is also different from many tests that provide results based on your child’s score compared to other students in the same grade. As a result we can easily measure individual student’s growth in learning. These results are valuable to your child’s teacher as he or she can more easily recognize where to focus attention for your child’s optimal learning.

This MAP data is a powerful tool for monitoring student growth over time. We test our students in the Fall and Spring of each year. The Fall testing session being a 'pre-test' to give teachers valuable information to prepare for the year and the Spring testing session acting as the 'post-test' to check growth during that year.  Student goal setting based upon the fall assessment results will be discussed at parent-teacher conferences.

MAP reports are generated once all testing is complete and uploaded to the student profile on Skyward. An email advising that these are available will be sent out to the school accounts.

Classroom Assessments: Teachers at Dammam regularly offer both formative and summative assessments. There is regular feedback to ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve success.