A time of growth and change.

Middle School - the transitional period from elementary school to high school,  is a challenging time of growth and change. Middle Schoolers are provided with support and opportunities to meet their special needs: more appropriate health and physical education, chances to participate in planning and managing their own activities, facing their problems of growing up, exploring new interests and developing skills of independence and responsibility.  Middle Schoolers’ ability to grow and develop will set the stage for high school and beyond.

Please note the following: 

1. Dress Code. We are pushing for the complete implementation of school dress code which will become more important as we move to a new campus. The school is surrounded by private houses and apartments and we need the students to be properly attired, respecting the culture of our host country. If you will not be able to buy some for your child over the summer, you may order shirts with the school logo . Pictures of the shirts are in our school website: dammam.isg.edu.sa for your guidance. Should you wish to order the shirts from the school, you can place an online order before summer break or in August, please log on to Form to order online. You can also fill out the form attached with this letter and send it to Ms. Heba in the Middle School VP office. The shirt costs SR 35 each or three (3) shirts for SR100. Your child may check the sizes and colors in Ms. Heba’s office.



 2. Technology. If you are planning to buy your child a laptop or tablet for school use, please check the minimum requirement below. We are no longer using cell phones as a learning device in the classroom so it will be necessary for your child to have access to a laptop, iPad, or chromebook.

Laptop (Minimum Requirements)

Operating System­ Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Mac OS X 10.8
Screen Size ­ Minimum 13"
Memory ­ 4 GB RAM
Processor ­ Intel i5, 2 GHz processor
Wireless connectivity ­ yes, 802.11AC needs to be supported
USB ­ yes
Bluetooth ­ yes 

Chromebook (Minimum Requirements)

Operating System­ Google Chrome OS

Screen Size ­ Minimum 13”
Memory ­ 2 GB RAM
Processor ­ Intel i3


3. School Supplies. The list of materials and supplies for next school year will be given to your child and posted on the school website. For your guidance, we are posting pictures of notebooks and materials teachers recommend for use in their subject area.





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