The evolving leopards of ISG Dammam High School embrace each other’s differences and individuality while maintaining an exceptionally kind and considerate atmosphere. Leopard alumni cannot help but remember the tremendously supportive and encouraging student body as well as the outstanding group of teachers that guided and prepared every student for success in college, their career, and life.

The ISG Dammam High School curriculums and courses are now even more enhanced and interactive with “21’st Century Learning”. This new educational system takes advantage of new technological advances, and furthermore incorporates it into the evolving leopards’ learning infrastructure. Through the use of Google Classroom, a virtual database online, students can now interact with their teachers better than ever. The major shift into cyber education was supplemented by extensive and powerful wireless connections in every single high school classroom.

Outside of the brilliant classroom experience, learners can choose from an assortment of clubs, organizations (both academic and extracurricular), and after school activities. National Honor Society(NHS), Model United Nations (DAMMUN), Student Council(SC), Peers As Leaders(PAL), Journalism Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Music Club, Math Club, Science Club are highlights of their High School journey. Through these clubs, we get to tap and nurture the hidden talents of the students thus helping them develop into lifelong learners.


From the Counselor's Desk:

Today's young people are living in an exciting time with increasingly diverse society with new technologies and expanding opportunities. We as a school and especially the Counselor's Office sees it as our duty to help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generations of workers, leaders, and successful human beings. We are there to give them support, guidance, and opportunities to reach their goals in life.

High School is the final transition into adulthood and the world at work. Students are deciding who they are, what they do well, and what they will do when they graduate. We are helping them to make the right decisions by providing the following College Placement Counseling.

  1. Grade 11: College Placement Counseling - Advice regarding Career Searches, College and University Searches, and College Admission Exams. These include TOEFL, SAT 1, SAT 11, ACT, and PSAT.

  2. Grade 12: Advice regarding College Application Process, Transcripts deadlines, Recommendation letters, and we organize College Admission Officers' visits.

We also provide the following proactive programs and services to help the student achieve success in school:

Academic Skills Support
Organizational, study, and test-taking skills
Career planning
Education in understanding self and others
Goal setting, Academic Plans, Course Selection
Problem Solving, Coping Strategies
Peer Relationships and effective social skills

Dr.Natalia Socolova
High School Counselor




National Honor Society

Please click on the link below for details regarding the selection procedures

NHS Selection Procedures

NHS Rating Form

NHS Student activity Form


High School Model United Nation (MUN)
















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