Elementary School is the heart and soul of ISG Dammam, where our little youngsters take their first unsure steps towards independence, where our students embark on their journey of lifelong learning, where they learn to read, write, and spell their first words, where they form their first friendships, where they make their most beautiful memories, where they are initiated into the world of wonder, the world of numbers, phonics, colors, and varied knowledge, where they are nurtured with tender, loving care to take on the challenges of their growing years - this is where it all begins. At the Elementary School, we make the cliche, “Learning is Fun” take on different forms and assume a larger than life meaning. Our exciting and hands-on curriculum ensures children genuinely enjoy every single day of their school life, and look forward each year to the myriad activities the school offers them, like the Fall Festival, International Week, Educational Programs, Speak Out, and Friendship Week, to name just a few.

The school is also adopting a brand new approach to learning this year - that of “Literacy in the 21st Century”. This initiative will ensure we produce robust, tech-savvy, well-informed youngsters, fit to lead the world in the 21st century. We also inculcate in them the responsible use of technology, advocating safety rules that ensure their total privacy and safety. Our Accelerated Reader, Writer’s Workshop, and Reader’s Workshop programs equip our students to become avid readers, voracious speakers, and prolific writers. They also sow in them the seeds of curiosity and a never-ending thirst for more knowledge.

Here at Elementary School, we realize the importance of extracurricular activities as well.We help our students develop perfectly balanced personalities through our student-friendly after-school program, where students have access to art and cooking clubs, guided reading clubs, chess clubs, volleyball and soccer clubs. Our co-curricular subjects like Art, Music, and PE further enrich and add to our students’ treasure trove of knowledge, thereby helping them evolve into sensible and responsible world citizens. All of this together, and much, much, more awaits you as you enter the portals of the ISG Dammam Elementary School.

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