ISG-Dammam, accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, is a member of the International Schools Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are a unique blend of cultures with a wealth of experiences enabling us to offer a truly world class education.

We are committed to empowering our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-disciplined, adaptable, independent citizens, aspiring to personal achievement and contributing responsibly to their communities.

Our dedicated professional educators, in partnership with parents and community, challenge our students with strong curricular and co-curricular programs in a safe, caring and supportive environment.



We believe that…

● Each child is unique.

● The cultural and national backgrounds of our students are assets.

● Each person has intrinsic value and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

● High values and integrity are fundamental to excellent education.

● It is essential for each child to have understanding of and compassion for others.

● The social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of students is important for their success.

● Students have different ways of learning and demonstrating abilities, and require a variety of instructional approaches and assessment strategies in order to thrive.

● Each child is capable of critical thinking, problem solving and performing at high levels of learning.

● Learning is achieved through clearly defined, attainable and measurable outcomes guided by the district.

● Staff development and continuing education programs are essential for professional growth.

● Technology will continue to enhance our educational delivery opportunities.

● Delivering a cost­effective quality education is essential to our stakeholders. Our co­educational programs must be accomplished in a manner consistent with the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.


ISG Dammam Graduate Profile: 

The ISG Dammam student will …….

● demonstrate integrity, dignity and self­confidence;

● respect diversity, demonstrate cultural sensitivity and accept others as individuals;

● possess an understanding of the major fields of knowledge necessary for success in adult life;

● read critically, write clearly, listen carefully and speak effectively;

● be an independent, logical and critical decision­maker;

● set realistic goals and persevere to achieve them;

● be dependable, responsible and co­operative;

● have a capacity for creativity and originality;

● demonstrate leadership qualities and influence others in a positive manner;

● strive for a healthy lifestyle;

● be adaptable and resilient;

● demonstrate intellectual curiosity;

● be a responsible world citizen.














About us

P.O. BOX 31677,

Al-Khobar 31952,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13- 8292444

email: dammam-help-desk@isg.edu.sa



Accredited by Middle States Association of colleges and Schools


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